Different leisure activities in Singapore

Singapore is one of the tropical countries that has a weather that is perfect for different outdoor activities. This is also the reason why many leisure activities can be done here. Whether you are a tourist or let us say that you went to the east coast for a purpose but currently looking for things to do at your leisure, such as looking for bike rentals in Singapore, outdoor sports, water parks, or any other kind of recreational activities. But if you are new in town and do not know what to do or where to really go, then this article shall give you an idea how to spend your free time here in Singapore.

Parks and gardens - There are many parks and gardens here in Singapore that can be a good sight to see. For most of us, the best way to enjoy our free time is to engage in the beauty of nature which visiting parks and gardens can really help you out with. Enjoy the scenery as you look at different species of plants, bonsai and even orchids. Or you can go to a park like pasir ris park where you can enjoy your time with different activities like renting a bicycle with your companions which is a very popular activity here in Singapore.

China town - Many of us enjoy the Chinese culture, specially here in Singapore. In fact, it is one of the most exciting part of the country since you can really feel the vibe of the Chinese culture which can make you feel like you are really in China. You can find many interesting establishments here like the Jamae Mosque, Al Abrar Mosque, and even the Sri Mariamman Temple. There are also a wide variety of Chinese food and delicacies that you can try. There are even tours offered here if you ever wish to learn more about the Chinese culture.

Clarke Quay - One of the most historical riverside quay in Singapore. Thousands of tourists enjoy their free time here almost daily. The heart of Clarke quay is the Singapore river, where you can really feel the beauty of the city specially during the night time. Boat tours are available as well and is perfect for people who wants to experience such tours and can also be a good option for those who want to take pictures of different breath taking scenery. There are also a couple of bars here where you can enjoy your favorite liquor.

Museums - Of course, Singapore also have museums like the ones that you have in your hometown. There are many fascinating museums that contain different relics from the past and can really blow your mind. You can also find museums like Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, which contain different fossils of extinct creatures like different species of dinosaurs. There are even museums that are dedicated to the history of Singapore which displays different memorial halls that tells us about various events that happened in the past and the people behind them.